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Discipline. Respect. Perseverance.

These are the core values we hold close to our hearts, beyond just the physical training here at Hilltop Academy. 

We believe that discipline is necessary to achieve any goal worth striving for. It is more important than talent and ability. Discipline will get you from good to great, always. 

As R.G Risch once said, respect is a two-way street. If you want respect from others, you have to give it. Respect plays a significant role in the gym. It is a core value that exists amongst our trainers and students alike. We believe that everyone has something to contribute to the learning process here at Hilltop Academy.


Perseverance is another essential trait that we hope to instill in our trainers, fighters, and students. This is especially so for the fighters who are going through their grueling fight camps, but also applicable to the student who is trying to finish strong on that last round of padwork. 


Here at Hilltop Academy, we don't just make sure you push through the work-outs. We aim to help you enjoy the process too.



Fitness. Determination. Self Defence.

All are welcome at Hilltop regardless of what level you're at; we have Muay Thai training that is suitable for anyone; from beginners to seasoned practitioners. 

Each of our Muay Thai trainers have a passion for and are skilled in the craft. Whether you are here purely for fitness, or training for competitions, they'll be able to work with you and help you reach your goals.


Rest assured that you will always leave the gym with full satisfaction that you clocked in a bomb work-out for the day. 



Muaythai gym

Muaythai trainer, certified by Muay Thi Association Singapore

Master Muay Thai Trainer

Senior Muay Thai Trainer


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Senior Muay Thai Trainer

Senior Muay Thai Trainer


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Senior Muay Thai Trainer

Senior Muay Thai Trainer


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Muay Thai Trainer

Muay Thai Trainer


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Muay Thai Trainer

Muay Thai Trainer

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