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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have never learnt Muay Thai before and am afraid the pace of the class might be too fast for me. Can I still join?

HT: We do have Muay Thai beginner classes that are specially catered for people with no prior experience; where we focus on the foundations such as your stance, your jab and cross, as well as your kicks. 

The pace of the Muay Thai beginner classes is slower in general, so no worries about not being able to keep up. The Muay Thai trainers who take these beginner classes are also very experienced in teaching first timers.

Q: What is a typical Muay Thai training session like? I don't consider myself as extremely fit, so Muay Thai seems a little daunting and I'm worried that I won't be able to keep up.

HT: We start our classes with some rounds of skipping and static exercises to get our bodies warmed up, before moving on to shadow boxing. During this time, our Muay Thai trainers may also go around to correct technique.

Once that's done, the class will move on to guided bag work, followed by one-on-one padwork with our trainers, before we end off with some core strengthening exercises and stretching.

The top priority of all our trainers is a students' wellbeing. They are always observing the class and will actively call out a student to take a break if needed.

Q: I don't own any Muay Thai equipment, do I need to buy everything before I come? If yes, what should I buy?

HT: While we do provide gloves for shared use at the gym, due to hygiene reasons, you will need to purchase your own handwraps.

These are sold at the gym and are reusable after washing. 

There are also shin guards available for shared use during sparring.

As for outfits, you aren't required to wear Muay Thai shorts, so no worries. Just join us in any comfortable sports attire! (Shoes are not required as we train barefoot in the gym.)

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